Monthly Archive: December 2018


Smart Garden – Service Lights

Wiring in LED Strips for Bright Work Lighting I never throw out any electronic device without at least harvesting its transformer. No matter how old it is; lead solder blah blah blah. Transformer, power supply, driver, wall adapter. All names for the same thing. I recommend you always collect them as they are all useful gems. Good work lighting is critical. Not the grow...


Building the Laboratory – Shelves

When working on projects like these I believe form follows function. I prefer to use what I have on hand than get new wherever possible, and you will see that through many of my build posts. I had an abundance of leftover melamine boards and I cut those to size to make these shelves. The shelf brackets are made from finish wood straps I...


Preamble & Mission Statement

For the last few months I have been experimenting with growing plants in an an Aeroponics system. I have been fascinated by the concept of Aeroponics for a decade now, but this is my first hard attempt at seeing if it’s something I can do and develop; apply my skills to and make some contribution to the science of it. An Aeroponic system is...