Author: Adam Sutton


Revive the SmartGarden

I started this site to learn, develop and document methods for growing herbs and other plants using aeroponic systems. I believe that a future where home grown herbs, veggies and fruits are viable and commonplace is a future that supports independence and a healthier world. In moving from a fogger based system to testing out a high pressure aeroponic system the adjustments, troubleshooting and...


Four Days of Aeroponic Root Growth, Remarkable!

It has been four days since I got Fogger Unit One going (2/20/19). I took a look under the hood and had to share what I saw! The basil roots in particular are pretty remarkable, take a look below at the before and afters. They’ve grown these cool spiked roots. My three Oreganos have done really great too. Dill, not so much. And there’s...


The First Aeroponic Fogger

Cataloguing of the creation of Fogger Unit One in the Smart Garden Laboratory. My first aeroponics experiment in this laboratory.


Smart Garden – Arduino Wind Imitator

I have my air flow system running. For whatever reason, I want the breeze it produces to be random and imitate the wind. This seems more natural, and incidentally will cut down significantly the electrical consumption of the blower. Note though, that my blower only draws 23 Watts. Arduino Nano based Imitator A quick google search gave me the code I needed to make...

PVC Blower 0

Building the Laboratory – Air Flow & PVC Ducts

My young mother plants have been thriving. They are a lush green color and though they were off to a slow start now make notable growth every day. However, I do find their stems to be weaker than they should be at this age. I blame this on poor air flow. Plants reputedly grow their stems and branches stronger in reaction to wind, which...


Basil, Dill, Oregano, Sage One Month Update

On December 18th I set Basil, Dill, Oregano and Sage seeds to germinate. I put the seeds in Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix as per seedling instruction and covered their containers in plastic. Basil – 1/8″ Deep Dill – 1/4″ Deep 4″ Apart Oregano – 1/4″ furrow uncovered Sage – Atop Soil Oregano germinated quite aggressively and the Basil seeds followed soon after....


Smart Garden – Service Lights

Wiring in LED Strips for Bright Work Lighting I never throw out any electronic device without at least harvesting its transformer. No matter how old it is; lead solder blah blah blah. Transformer, power supply, driver, wall adapter. All names for the same thing. I recommend you always collect them as they are all useful gems. Good work lighting is critical. Not the grow...


Building the Laboratory – Shelves

When working on projects like these I believe form follows function. I prefer to use what I have on hand than get new wherever possible, and you will see that through many of my build posts. I had an abundance of leftover melamine boards and I cut those to size to make these shelves. The shelf brackets are made from finish wood straps I...


Preamble & Mission Statement

For the last few months I have been experimenting with growing plants in an an Aeroponics system. I have been fascinated by the concept of Aeroponics for a decade now, but this is my first hard attempt at seeing if it’s something I can do and develop; apply my skills to and make some contribution to the science of it. An Aeroponic system is...